Christmas Eve Confidential
Inaugural edition of Blockchain Confidential
Neutrino de-pegs, TradFi keeps aping in, and Jamie Dimon stops gaslighting us
Solana wipes out again, Jane Street borrows while Goldman Sachs lends, and when all else fails there is always Gucci
The U.S. is the king of Bitcoin mining, Ubisoft launches in-gaming NFT's, and the mongoose is now our spirit animal
Beanstalk hacked, plans IPO in the next year, Goldman Sachs & FTX are talking
Bitcoin marks its Genesis Day anniversary, Samsung enters the metaverse
TradFi digital asset engagement expands, a great NFT trading data analysis, and the Chinese government will ape in to NFT's despite crypto ban
Square renames itself, physical Bitcoin funds launch, and we explore ESG issues
Snowden's Zcash role revealed, CAR makes Bitcoin legal tender, and Fidelity announces Bitcoin 401(k) plans
Axie hacked, CME Solana & Cardano futures, Cathie Wood's ETF dreams denied
Jamie Dimon rocks it in the unreal world, Charlie Munger still hates crypto, and Colorado will accept Bitcoin for state taxes