Novogratz ne regret rien, Terra's troubles continue, FTX US diversifies
Blockchain Confidential PodcastListen now (7 min) | Episode 1 - Employee Showcase: Chloe Chen
UST de-pegs, Tether wobbles, and the whole market shudders
Solana wipes out again, Jane Street borrows while Goldman Sachs lends, and when all else fails there is always Gucci
Snowden's Zcash role revealed, CAR makes Bitcoin legal tender, and Fidelity announces Bitcoin 401(k) plans
Beanstalk hacked, plans IPO in the next year, Goldman Sachs & FTX are talking
BlackRock goes big into supporting USDC, Metaverse Fashion Week, and Ethereum 2.0 is delayed again
Neutrino de-pegs, TradFi keeps aping in, and Jamie Dimon stops gaslighting us
Axie hacked, CME Solana & Cardano futures, Cathie Wood's ETF dreams denied
HubSpot hacked, Goldman's OTC trade, and two more Bitcoin spot ETF deferrals
Aave V3, a major Coinbase lawsuit, and MiCA moves forward
Biden's executive order, Batman NFT's and State Street comes in big